Why Buy From Us?

Free Proof On Every Order

Every time you order from us we will automatically provide you with a free emailed proof of what your artwork will look like before we print your order. This proof enables you to view the exact imprint and make any necessary changes. Should you need to make such changes we will provide you with one more free proof. To help eliminate errors, we will not begin printing on your item before you have approved the proof.

Dishwasher Safe Imprints

All our imprints on ceramic and glassware materials are dishwasher safe. At Bargain Mugs, we use only top quality ceramic inks and fire your order at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees. This way you get a get a truly dishwasher safe and permanent imprint on your item of choice. Not all printers fire their glassware, so their imprints can be scratched off with a knife or nail and fade.

Free Art Assistance

We at BargainMugs.com pride ourselves on providing high quality art file preparation at no cost to you. Our graphic designers are friendly, professional, and always go the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy with their custom imprint.

Other online companies may give you a computer generated sample to entice you to order but that sample is very often not a realistic representation of what your custom imprint will look like when printed. BargainMugs provides FREE electronic proofs on every order that realistically show what your personalized drinkware will look like when printed. More information is also provided on your E-Proof to help you visualize the final product.

We’re Factory Direct!

All of our drinkware items are custom printed on-site at our factory warehouse location. Eliminating the retail middleman ensures that your order is processed faster and with cost savings that are passed down to you in the form of discounted wholesale prices. We only use and sell high quality glass and ceramics from trusted names like Libbey and Arc International. Since 1982 we have exclusively specialized in printing on glasses and mugs and our expertise in the industry is unmatched.

Truth be told, most companies selling custom printed drinkware online are actually retail middlemen that fulfill their orders through factories like us. Why go through a costly middleman when you can buy your personalized drinkware directly from the source? You can be confident you are receiving both high quality products and high quality service when you order from BargainMugs.com!

Breakage Resistant Packaging

To reduce an eliminate breakage during the shipping process we use high quality double walled air cell boxes in packaging your order. Making sure that your order arrives perfectly intact is our highest priority.

On-Time Order Delivery

We at BargainMugs.com understand the stress of organizing events and we make your shipping deadlines our top priority when preparing your order. We communicate with you through-out the production process and our stellar customer service department will go the extra mile to ensure that your quality personalized drinkware arrives in plenty of time for your event.

Price Guarantee

We will match the lowest price for any of the custom printed drinkware that we carry that you find at on other website. We at BargainMugs.com pride ourselves on high quality custom drinkware offered to you at the lowest prices possible.

Our Imprints Always Pass the Scratch Test

Not all online companies are created equal. Some advertise that their imprints are dishwasher safe when in fact, the printing fades after several washes, and can be scratched off with a knife or fingernail.

Our imprints will always pass the scratch test! The only way to get a truly permanent imprint is to have it fired on. At BargainMugs, we use only superior ceramic inks and fire your order at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees. Not all printers fire their glassware, so their imprints can scratch or fade.



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