May 13 2009

Promote Your Business on a Budget using Personalized Mugs

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Viral marketing is a hot and current technique that utilizes online social networks like message boards, blogs, and word-of-mouth recommendations to promote a brand or product. But how does one get her feet wet with viral marketing and can online buzz alone sustain it? A great way to start and maintain viral marketing in offline environments is to have your logo or brand custom printed on a coffee mug, travel mug, spring water bottle, or a sports bottle. The right logo or graphic imprint can create a hot and edgy visual representation of your brand that sticks in your mind long after the computer is switched off.

 Promo Logo Travel Mugs

An attractive personalized travel mug or custom sports bottle provides an instant conversation starter while you are out and about – at the coffee shop or at your daughter’s soccer game. For a business owner on a tight budget, personalized coffee mugs are a cost effective buzz marketing technique. Word of mouth marketing is great, but leaving a potential investor with a practical gift that will keep your brand in their minds is even better. Just think of a potential client or investor mulling over your business model while sipping a late night cup of coffee from your custom logo mug; that’s precious time you don’t have to pay for!


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