Mar 15 2010

Non-Profit Fundraising Ideas

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Fundraising is the cornerstone of any non-profit organization and in these challenging economic times, utilizing creative fundraising ideas are even more important.  You can sell our custom printed mugs and personalized glassware and/or use them to promote your non-profit fundraising events; the sky’s the limit!

Michelle Brown of The Lenox Library Association in Lenox, MA, ordered beer taster glasses to be sold at a beer tasting event the association hosted to raise money for their organization.   Take a look at photos from the Lenox Library Beer Taster event below:

Lenox Library Beer Tasting Event


Beer Taster Glasses


Libbey Custom Mini Beer Taster Glasses


Non Profit Fundraising Ideas - Sep 28, 04:59 PM

Another great way to use these kinds of fundraising products is to add a contest to your Facebook account where you give away one of your premiums items in exchange for an email address!

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