Nov 17 2009

Fundraising Ideas: Sell Personalized Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

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In tight economic times, fundraising can be daunting task for many non-profit organizations.  In light of this, choosing the right item to raise money with is very important.  So what factors should decide how you fundraise?

  1. Excellent Return on Investment - Of course, the primary reason you fundraise is to raise money, so it's imperative that you pick relatively high value items that can be resold at an ideal price.  For example, if you get customized sports bottles from for as low as $2.38 each - which, if they are resold at $8-$10 each could bring in a tidy profit!
  2. Think Practically! When people are focused on saving you want to offer customers products that are practical and of high value.  Sure it's great when someone wants to help out your organization financially, but it's even better when you can help someone make a purchase they can feel good about both practically and emotionally.
  3. Make it Memorable, Personalize it!  A lot of non-profit groups sell perishables like chocolate that taste good, but don't keep their organizations name and mission in the customer's memory.  With custom printed travel mugs and personalized sports water bottles, your customer will see your organization's name through-out the day as they quench their thirst for years to come.



Personsalized Sports Water Bottle
Personalized  Travel Mugs


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