May 12 2009

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Promote Your Business

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The term “going green” is a popular buzz word nowadays, and in this age of increased environmental awareness, many employers are looking for practical ways to incorporate efficient use of materials into the daily routine of their employees.   A simple way to reduce waste materials on the job is by going green at the water cooler.  Instead of using disposable cups in the break room and at meetings, using reusable green coffee mugs and environmentally friendly glasses are a simple and stylish solution.   Not only can you maintain a consistent branding message by using logo mugs, but you will reduce the cost of buying paper and plastic cups over time.  

Promotional Coffee Mugs from Promotional Printed Sports Bottles from


Customized travel mugs and sports bottles are also great for corporate sponsored events like picnics or sporting events.  Using travel mugs and sports bottles as door prizes or giveaways can expose a wide variety of people to your corporate brand while giving them drinkware that is environmentally friendly and will be used far into the future.



Michael - May 16, 08:42 AM

At my work place we all stopped using paper & Styrofoam cups. My boss ordered 144 personalized coffee cups from Anyway, my big surprise was that the coffee actually tastes better from a ceramic cup than a plastic or styrofoam home cup. We are now environmentally friendly and I have yet to talk with one coworker who misses those old disposable cups.

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