Mar 26 2014

Custom Sport and Water Bottles for School Events

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Custom sports and water bottle for school eventsSchool spirit is something that is important for students of all ages to embrace in order to feel proud of their school and committed to learning. One great way to spice up school spirit at a variety of events is with custom printed water bottles. Creative designs, various colors, and reasonable prices make these a great idea for school events. They are great for sporting and academic situations alike. In addition, they make a wonderful fundraising idea.

Custom printed sport bottles are ideal at sporting events. They are a great way to show team unity. Matching water bottles in school colors not only shows that the athletes are proud to be a group but it also shows that they are proud to be from their school. They can be given at the start of a season as congratulations for students making the team. Alternately, custom bottles are a great gift to give athletes at the end of a season as congratulations for a great year. In addition, giving out water bottles to student athletes is a great way to make sure that they stay hydrated and healthy while on the field, rink, or arena.

There are tons of other academic events that would benefit from the addition of custom water bottles as well. For example, a theater group could all get matching custom printed water bottles with the title of the play on them. It is a nice way to students to show pride and accomplishment. Also, academic decathlons, math leagues, spelling bees, and other similar events are a good place for custom water bottles. It helps students feel united and like they are part of an important team. There is really no end to the use of these items.

What better way to raise funds then selling custom bottles? Custom water bottles in the school colors and with the school logo can be purchased at such a low price that it is easy to use them to raise funds. For example, try selling them at a sporting event and see how many parents want a water bottle to show where their child goes to school. Other events such as PTA meetings or academic events are ideal places to raise funds as well. Students will love the idea of purchasing a water bottle to drink from and parents will be happy to help raise funds.


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